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Forest of the Dark--Dhiraj's terrifying challenge

From Chapter 26

With a flick of his hand, Sumit had Dhiraj thrown on the ground and engulfed in a new terror. Sumit’s wispy hands turned into smoky ribbons and swirled around Dhiraj’s ankles. With one hand, his nemesis was dragging him through the long-winding path of the forest, which was clear of trees.
His back was scratched as Sumit chose rough terrain to drag him through, but all Dhiraj could do was scream whatever words popped into his head. Struggling was futile, as the demonic ghost possessed surprising strength which Sumit, when he was alive, hadn’t.
Suddenly Sumit stopped and Dhiraj screamed even louder. This was it—now would be the time when Sumit would avenge his death.
Ready to play?” The words were barely out of the ghost’s mouth when the starry night sky above him, parted like clouds and revealed bright blue sky. He was no longer lying on a patch of pebbles and twigs and thorns, but soft fragrant grass.
Let’s go in.” Sumit was telling him.
Dhiraj got up; his stomach in knots and his back screaming with pain. Before him was the badminton stadium where he was going to play the finals. The white building was decorated with banners, announcing the thrilling match between him and…
I’m playing against you?” He asked in terror.

Sumit smiled, no longer in a black wispy form but his human one. He was dressed in a grey t-shirt and white shorts with black stripes. On his feet were white socks and shoes, free from dirt. Sumit ran his fingers through his hair and stretched his arms.
Of course,” He said, bending to touch his own feet.
Dhiraj pushed himself away when he thought Sumit was going to grab him again. Sumit snickered and gave him a hand.
Come on, I’m not about to leave anything incomplete.”
Dhiraj took the hand and got up, dusting the seat of his jeans. “How did we come here?”
Asking too many questions,” Sumit scoffed. “Don’t tell me you’re nervous; afraid I’ll beat you?”
Just let me just go,” Dhiraj pleaded. “I’ll do anything…
Play the match. If you win, then I’ll let you go,” Sumit said, and out of nowhere, a badminton racket appeared in his hands. “Lose, however, and you pay with your life.” He smiled then, showing his pointed teeth stained red. 


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