Forest of the Dark- Excerpt

Excerpt from Chapter 11 FOREST OF THE DARK 

There was a loud creak on the floorboards and he jumped. Turning, he saw the bed empty and the torn stained sheets on the floor.
He straightened, his heart pounding in his chest.
T-Tina?” His voice was hardly a whisper.
The room was completely empty. The lantern in his hand went off and he dropped it. It rolled over and hit the legs of the bed where it rocked back and forth.
Aksh swallowed, looking at the ajar front door and wondering if Tina had walked out while he had been distracted. In her condition, she probably hadn’t gotten very far.
He stepped forward when he saw a hand stick out from under the cot and grab the lantern.
Aksh almost screamed. He moved sideways, his hands skimming over the rough wood of the large cupboard. He had to get out, now!
Moving slowly, he stuck his back to the wall, and then the cupboard. As long as his back was to a surface, he ran little risk of being attacked from behind.
Another lantern flickered off and Aksh felt his harnessed scream clutch his throat. He heard soft laughter coming from under the bed.
Aksh put his hands on the sides of the cupboard. Just a few more steps and he would be outside.
The lantern rolled out of the bed again and he saw the glass had been broken on the side.
Aksh moved toward the door when the cupboard door creaked open. He froze, hearing his own heart pound in his ear. His eye were fixated on the bed. He had to move fast and avoid being grabbed by the demon.
The cupboard door let out another long creak and Aksh turned his head slowly.
One of the cupboard door was open and he saw a foot emerge.
He looked at the bed again, from where he still heard laughter, and then the cupboard.
Backing away slowly, he heard more creaking but not from the door. Bluish, swollen feet were now clearly visible from under the door of the cupboard.
He was a mere five feet from the door. Without another thought, Aksh sprang to his feet and ran when the front door slammed shut with such force that the walls rumbled.
No!” He yelled. He tried prying open the door, but it wouldn’t budge.
Behind him he heard more creaking on the wooden floorboards. Someone was behind him.
Cold sweat trickled down the back of his neck. It was only simple voluntary curiosity that made him turn.
When he saw two women in white, with glowing eyes standing behind him, Aksh screamed as loud as his lungs would allow.
The two women tilted their heads and grinned as Aksh’s blood ran cold.
Who are you?” He screamed, panic and terror clawing at his throat.

Welcome to our house,” The two women said in unison.

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