Creature 3D and Dark was the Night ( My take on both movies withspoilers)

Two different movies, pretty much one concept.
Both movies consist of a similar plot. A creature is awakened in the woods and soon enough terrorizes the town nearby. The thought of running away and the idea of self-preservation never crosses the main character's mind. The town needs a hero and they are it! 

I wouldn’t compare the two movies because despite having a similar plot, and eerily the same CGI creature, the two movies are rather enjoyable even though they didn’t really work out at the box office. This brings forth the depressing fact that the horror genre has a very limited audience nowadays and if more movies are not encouraged and watched, the horror genre will soon be wiped out.
Oh the horror!

Imagine no film makers producing horror movies because there won’t be an audience for them. Why spend so much time and money on a project that won’t yield any profits, right? Of course, the recent movies haven’t been exactly terrifying or nightmare inducing or even consisting of a good storyline. And the acting…not up to the mark at all. 
As disappointing as the thought is of the state of horror movies, the one question remains- should we stay hoping that we survive the dearth of scary movies or should we start looking for new genres that interest us? Yeah, I don’t think you many rom-coms are being made either. 

While we make this life changing decision, it seems that the heroes of the aforementioned movies too are contemplating on whether to flee or stay and of course they choose to fight and face their fears.
Ahana from Creature 3d has just opened a new hotel that she dedicates to her late father. Paul from Dark was the Night, is suffering from grief as he has just lost his child. The townsfolk look upon their sheriff to protect them but with concealed cynicism- he was after all unable to protect his own son.
So when the creature arrives, these two from different movies decide that they have to stand up to this  monster, mostly to prove to themselves that they wouldn’t let a bully threaten them and that they do possess the courage to face their fears.

It’s no surprise that these two survive and rid the town of evil given their respective circumstances in their movies. What’s surprising is that the creature does look the same in both movies and the graphics were just terrible. With the correct use of lighting, the creature would have looked terrifying instead of comical. Just keep him in the shade, okay? And make him growl and stuff.


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