Behind the stories part 3: Francesca and Eliza

 I began writing this after I completed Repeated Lives and had another idea for a Dark Fantasy book. It started with the opening scene. That’s all I had at first and that was also what drew me in to work on it.
I think I must have written about half of it when I left it. I think I must have suffered writer’s block or was shifting to a new home. Anyway, I had lost somewhat interest in this and wasn't planning to complete it.
It was around that time that my editor asked me if I was working on anything. I was fairly new at being a writer and didn't want to admit that even though I was working on a few ideas, nothing had worked out so far. I remembered about this book and immediately responded that I was working on another manuscript.
I completed it quickly and the result was a huge mess. There was too much confusion regarding the plot and the characters were behaving off. Not to mention that as the creator of this story, I had absolutely no idea what was going on.
I put it away for a few days and decided to tell my editor that I had nothing more planned. A few days later however, I came upon an idea to clear away the plot holes. It was so easy! I read it again, edited it, deleted a few parts, added new scenes and was finally satisfied enough to send it for publishing.


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