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Halloween Movie Picks!

Halloween is here! Time for a movie marathon of spooky movies.

Not a lot of movies made in recent times have scared of even impressed me. The following list of movies are those that have managed to make me jump! 

Okay, not all of them, but these are the ones that have entertained me at least. 

Spoiler alert! 

1) The Echo-- One of the most unexpectedly scary movies I watched this year. An ex-con moves into his deceased mother’s apartment and hears domestic disturbance coming from the other side of the wall. Of course, nothing is what it seems in this taut thriller.

Scariest scene- When he finds a girl jumping on the bed. Gave me the creeps!

2) Happy Death Day-- A decent slasher movie with light doses of humor. A college girl realizes she’s repeating her birthday every day when she gets killed. In order to stop the cycle, she must find out who wants her dead. The trouble is, her bitchy attitude and her affair with a professor, has garnered her a lot of enemies. Everyone is a suspect…

Scariest scene- Not typically scary but if there had to be one chilling scene, it would be the one where she enters a tunnel and finds music box playing happy birthday. Then we are introduced to the masked killer and that scene was a little creepy.

3) Cult of Chucky-- This one is so bizarre it’s funny. But Chucky movies are kind of hard to miss. They need to be watched if only for a few laughs. There’s some blood in it so that should fill up the Halloween gore meter.
Nica has been sent to the mental asylum after being framed for killing her family. However, Chucky isn’t done with her just that. He wants to possess her. Sarcasm ensues and so does the mindless killing.

Scariest scene- When one of the patients is tied to a gurney and Chucky cracks the glass ceiling over her. A tad disturbing.

4) Split –Released in the beginning of the year, Split is the story of three girls that are kidnapped. But their kidnapper is no ordinary man. He suffers from multiple personality disorder. The poor girls must find a way to coax one of those personalities to help them out. What they don’t know, is that one of the personalities is actually a creature.

Scariest scene- This had some intense and frightening scenes, but the one that got to me was the one in the beginning- the one that jump-starts the terror. It is the scene when the girls are seated in the car and only one of them notices that the father is lying on the road unconscious. She turns and a total stranger is sitting in the driver’s seat who quickly knocks out her friends. She tries to escape and the driver silently warns her that she too would be knocked out if she tried. But she just had to, didn’t she?

5) Get Out-- Sometimes the one thing that is truly terrifying is when someone you wholly trust and love, betrays you in the worst possible way. In the case of this movie, an African-American man is betrayed by his white girlfriend and her parents. It’s not really about racism. Something much more sinister is going on…

Scariest scene-- It was anticipated, but still…
When the boyfriend keeps demanding for the car keys and the girlfriend denies having them. Then when her parents reveal their intentions, she holds them up with an evil smirk. At that point, nothing and no one could be more hateful and terrifying than that person. Ugh!


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