Aadita- what it means

A lot of people have been asking me about what the meaning of the title of my new book ‘Aadita’ is. Well, Aadita is a name of a girl that in Sanskrit means from the beginning. She is the protagonist of my story whose actions influences the life of another character in the book- Raina.

I must admit the character wasn’t initially named Aadita but while working on a title to give my story, I wanted to find something that would reflect the tone of the book. When I found what I was looking for, I loved the name so much that I changed the protagonist’s name.

Aadita had to be thus named because she’s the one who inflicts the curse on her family that traverses to generations until Raina is born and is the only one who possesses the strength to break it. Why is she chosen to break the curse and what is the curse actually- well read the book! The truth behind the curse and Aadita’s real intentions are only revealed in the dramatic and cathartic climax.

 I have to add that it was the most difficult and challenging chapter I have ever written and don’t think I could ever write something so overwhelming again.

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