The First of November

...and one month closer for this year to end. What better way to start the month than to indulge in a bit of shopping and delving into a tasty pasta dinner.
That being said, the end of the year holds a lot of promise for me. Even though there is still a December, the promise of a new year is beckoning. If anything, I wouldn't have to think about all the things that happened this year. A few more months, and some of the situations I had to face would be just a memory.

This year has so far been about the people in my life. It was about who I thought I could depend on when I was down and who was there without my even asking. I was taught to stand strong, bring myself away from the edge and learn to hold onto myself for support.

One of the awful truths one must learn is that sometimes all you have is yourself to save yourself. Another one is that forgiving isn't as easy but it is a process that must be completed to lead a fulfilling life for yourself.

I can't know what's going to happen tomorrow, but at least today was good. Yes, it was. 


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