What we fear

Fear is one of those emotions that we all give refuge to within ourselves. To say that we do not fear anything would be completely false. We are all scared of something or the other and sometimes we let ourselves give in and let it engulf us.
The only way to challenge fear and overcome it is to face that intimidating emotion and accept that we are scared. After all, courage is when we face our fears, not the absence of it.

It is difficult to write in the horror genre, actually it is a challenge for the writer to work on such a story because what one person is afraid of, another may not be and therein lies the dilemma. Should the writer incorporate his or her fear into the story or find something that most people are afraid of.
Fear of the dark, phobia of spiders, clowns, etc.... The list is endless. To pick one and write a whole story around it is risky for the only reason that not everyone, including the reader may share the same fears. If I write a story on a spooky and cacophonous sounding clown, many would find hilarity rather than fright while reading such a story. And to be honest I've never feared clowns so to write such a story with conviction would be nearly impossible for me.

So what is it that a lot of people are afraid of? The truth.

That is the one thing that not many of us want to face and sometimes we fear it because then we would learn things that would subject us to emotional trauma. And sometimes the truth we learn is about ourselves and that is the hardest part of all - to find qualities that we must either learn to appreciate and enhance or change and reform ourselves.

My new book 'Horror Night' deals with such a complexity of emotions. The four characters I've created are thrown into a situation that requires them to show bravery and face their fears. What they must do to escape is what I've enjoyed writing in quite a long time. It was challenging for me to work on a story where the characters barely know each other, yet work as a team and in a twist (yes, almost all of my stories have a twist) find out how much they have in common.

So here it is, my new ebook 'Horror Night' now available and published by Club Lighthouse Publishing. It's also on sale for a limited time only! You can view it here.

Happy Reading :)


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