Alone-- My take on the movie (with spoilers)

Loneliness can be scary to some people because being alone means having to face all your problems all alone. Life is tough and it helps to have someone backing you up and most importantly being there when you need someone the most.
Being physically may not always be possible; the person that cares for you may have other commitments and sometimes you have to be the one to stand back and tell them that you are doing fine
 After all, not everyone can be there for you all the time.
Or can they?
Imagine having a conjoined twin. Yes, there could be medical complications, but physically, someone will always be there for you- your sister or brother, your best friend.
Spending all these years together, eating and sleeping together, going everywhere with your twin- the bond would no doubt be strong. The only problem you would imagine conjoined twins face is when they get into relationships. 
The movie ‘Stuck on you' gave a comical twist to the idea of conjoined twin brothers trying to develop relationships with girls. Both brothers find girls that are compatible with their different nature. 
But imagine what would have happened had the worst brothers fallen in love with the same girl? 
In ‘Alone' two conjoined twin sisters are faced with this dilemma when Kabir falls in love with only one of the twins. Sanjana too loves Kabir but jealousy brews between the sisters as Anjana too loves him. When Kabir asks to meet Sanjana and Anjana refuses to budge, her sister decides that she doesn’t want to be conjoined anymore. During the operation, Anjana dies and Sanjana is left with the guilt of taking a hasty decision, though she does marry Kabir. 
It is when a ghost starts haunting Sanjana that dark secrets are revealed. 
This movie was based on a Thai horror movie of the same name which in turn was inspired by an Agatha Christie book. There’s a Tamil movie with the same story as well though it apparently ends on a happier note than the others.
In terms of horror, Alone is actually a pretty decent movie and does manage to scare at intervals. Just because it is a remake of another horror movie, I suppose that is what has prejudiced the audience causing the movie to suffer box-office-wise. 
It doesn’t matter if the movie is a remake! Besides the original movie was in Thai and does everyone understand the language? It’s a creepy movie that was made in a language to be enjoyed by an audience who speaks it.
Definitely worth a watch! 


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