Aadita -- Behind the story

You know what's creepy? Writing about curses and feeling like the curse may have come true in reality.

Aadita is a complex novel, one that was written during a dark period and some of it definitely seeped in. A death in the family had made me realize how fragile life can be and everyone I know could leave me. It was scary for me, and I grew disturbed.

Of course, something else was also going on at that point. Something a little personal. In spite of the precautions I had taken, some of those grievances seeped into the story as well.

I can't decide whose character was more difficult to write. Raina had her own problems - being bullied at school and neglected by her family.
Aadita was someone who was suppressed.
These two characters just wanted to be loved. That's what was common between them.

Their struggles to cope and survive in the world was taking a toll on them.

Now, what would you do if there was a way to protect someone could face the same dire circumstances you have?

That, I felt was Aadita's biggest dilemma. She does what she does out of anger but also concern.

Her intentions are misunderstood and as time passes, her anger tales over her completely, making her dangerous.

It is up to Raina to find out the true intention behind the curse and help Aadita as well as herself.

The only problem is, will Aadita listen?

Now comes the curse part behind the story and subsequent publishing of this book.
It was published by Wings press, as soon as the contract was over, I decided to get my rights back. I got a letter of revision of rights, the publisher pretty much took it down on all sites except Amazon.
I contacted Amazon regarding this and they replied they couldn't pull it down because they wanted it to be part of the author's bibliography.
I thought it might just add to the confusion but of course, I couldn't do anything.
Aadita is now published by Club Lighthouse Publishing and of course, when they uploaded it to Amazon they got an alert. Emails were sent to Amazon once again and finally, finally!
Yes, it is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Here's the link: Aadita on Amazon Kindle 

Or avoid all confusion and get it from the publisher's website: Aadita 

It's scary, emotional, tragic and happy all rolled into one.


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