An ominous warning-- Forest of the Dark

You’re not my mother,” She managed through numb lips. The energy had been zapped out of her limbs again and she was standing only because she was incapable of any other movement.
No, but I can give you a mother’s love,” The old woman said sadly. “I used to have children, two of them. A son and a daughter. I loved them so much.”
Wh-what happened to them?” Maya asked.
They wanted to leave me.” Her tone had changed though it still sounded like her mother’s voice. She turned so that she was now standing face to face with her. “So I killed them.”
Maya felt a cold shiver run down her chest to her stomach. The woman’s eyes were no longer kind. It had darkened into a well of madness and a wide grin appeared on her face.
Maya gasped and stepped back, but still couldn’t make herself escape this place.
The old woman raised one pointed finger up at the sky. “Until I don’t bring their souls back with me. they won’t let me in.”
Who won’t let you in?”
They.” The old woman tilted her head, her silver hair swaying as the cold breeze of the night brushed against them.
But I can’t find them.” The old woman put both hands on her head and then straightened when her eyes fixed on her. “You’re here.”
I’m not your daughter,” Maya replied, finding her voice.
The old woman appeared dejected. “I know. But then how do I leave this place?”
The old woman waved her hand around their surroundings. “I don’t want to be here any longer.”
Please don’t kill me!” Maya sobbed. “Please...”
The old woman gave a kind smile. She stepped closer and put one of her taloned hand on her head, smoothing her hair.
It’s not you. I thought you were. It’s one of your friends.”
What?” Maya asked, rattled by her words. She wanted to pull away but was afraid she may anger the mad woman.

One of your friends will die tonight,” She continued, speaking to her as if she were soothing a crying child. “It’s not you.”

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