You're not leaving so soon, are you?

Excerpt from Forest of the Dark 

 “Where is he?” He heard the gruff voice of the leader.
Dhiraj scrambled to his feet, almost slipped over his own pool of vomit, then grabbed a branch to steady himself.
He started running again, even though he knew that the men would catch up to him like before. But he had to try. He just had to!
He turned his head and saw no one was chasing him yet. Pausing, he jogged on one spot, watching behind him, expecting the men to pursue him with weapons.
When there still wasn’t any sign of them, he started running again and ran straight into someone. The force with which he hit someone’s muscled chest, propelled him back and he fell on his back with a thud.
He howled in agony and writhed on the ground. He was caught!
A face appeared above him, but it was not one of them. His face was black and static, and his eyes glowing red. Dhiraj was certain it was just dark clouds forming on his vision before he would become unconscious, but when the apparition spoke, his heart turned into ice.
You’re not leaving so soon, are you?”
Dhiraj raised his neck, to see the figure standing before him. The static clouds were gradually taking shape until it took form of someone he was familiar with.
When he made out the form of the figure, Dhiraj let out a gasp.
His nemesis from his college days, gave a wide toothed grin, then in an instant, he had pounced and grabbed his leg.

Dhiraj screamed, certain Sumit’s spirit had come to seek vengeance and would complete his task by ripping out his throat. Instead, the apparition caught hold of his right leg and started to drag him through the trees. 

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