Aadita-- Spoilers from my new horror novel

From Aadita -- A young adult horror novel 

"How could you?"  She demanded out loud.  She pulled herself up and went over to his bedside, but her grandfather wasn't looking at her anymore.  
"He's not in his senses, Raina."
"Did you just hear what he said?"  She asked Ahan.
"Raina, we need to get help."
"He told his own sister to die!  And when she was drowning in front of him, he did nothing to save her!  How could someone hate his own sister that much?"
Ahan took out his cell phone and called for help while Raina felt her head spinning.  Poor Aadita!  Her family hadn't treated her with an ounce of respect and after she had died, they hadn't even bothered to include her in their family pictures and albums.
Raina, sitting down on a chair and in a corner of the room, heard Ahan opening the door to let the other medics in.  As they tended to the unconscious, Raina had a growing realization of why Aadita was saving her.  
Ahan put a gentle hand on her shoulder and she looked up.
"You were right.  Aadita was saving me.  She did need something from me."
Ahan bent down and looked at her.  "What?"
Raina took a deep breath.  "She wanted to save me from becoming another Aadita.  She needed me to understand why she was doing all this."
"Raina, they're your family.  They love you..."
"They don't," Raina replied.  "They were never there for me; they never believed me."
"Look, why don't you go up to your room and get some rest?"  Ahan suggested.
Raina got up and walked over to her grandfather.  She knelt down and spoke in a low voice.  "I can't believe you did this.  I can't believe you said all those things to her.  It's all your fault that Aadita has been haunting us.  It's your fault that Aunt Lily's dead."
"Raina, you shouldn't speak that way to him,"  Ahan said.
Raina ignored him and swallowed.  "From today onwards, I want nothing to do with you.  You never cared anyway, did you?  You probably don't even know my name."
"You're in shock right now," Ahan said.  "Don't say anything you're going to regret."
Raina got up.  "I'm done.  I seriously don't even care anymore."
She walked out the room and towards the front door.
"Where are you going?" Ahan, following, called after her.
"Away from here," she replied.  "Away from everyone."


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