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“It wasn’t my intention to hurt you.”
“Really?” He asked, cocking an eyebrow.
“Of course. I misjudged the whole thing.”
Aryan shrugged. “Not really.” He took another puff and then put out the cigarette on the rock. “I pretty much alluded that you were sleeping with Zen.”
Pia felt a prickly sensation in her throat as if her anger was clasping its wispy threads around her voice box.
“I wanted to see how far you were ready to go to get what you want. I got my answer.” He grinned. “And also, I’ve decided not to prolong the agony of working in the movie. I want to get this done in limited takes. And since you’re still tussling with your acting skills, it’s up to me to bring out the right emotion from you. I still can’t believe we got it in one take. Must be a first for you.”
Pia took a long deep breath, glanced at the dark sea and then found the control over her emotions. “I completely agree. Let’s just get this over with, shall we? The sooner we shoot our scenes, the more we won’t have to bear each other’s company. “


  1. Amazon Kindle has really made life so much easier for book lovers. You can just read anything on a small device. I love it.



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