When things go awry

“Listen,  I think  I  delivered  the wrong briefcase to you, ‘cause my mother just came over to hand me over some of the stuff I left  at home today.  You  see,  I  woke  up  at  two  in  the afternoon, and my head feels all fuzzy when I wake up so early...”

“The  wrong  briefcase?”  The eldest scientist said, incredulously.

“Ya, Doc. You got hearing problems as well?”

“What  the  heck  did  we  just  inject  these  morons with?" 

“The seven sins thing you guys were going to experiment with next week,” Coolio replied.

Doc looked stunned. “How did you know about my experiments?”

“Doctor  Medico  here regularly updates everything you do on all the social media sites,” Coolio said. “I don’t usually read his updates, but when I’m tired of reading all about  the  celebrity  and  politician  gossip  and  there  really isn’t anything else to read in the bathroom then...”
“Medico, I thought you got therapy for your social media addiction!” Doc cut in sharply. 

“I did!” Medico replied, sheepishly. “I got rid of it all except one. I’m up to twenty followers now!” He adjusted his collars.  “How  do you think people find us to get themselves experimented on?  Through  my promotions,  of course.”

“No, we have been offering free services. I knocked on the principal’s door and begged him to let us help him,’ Doc said. “Right, Doctor Shrink?”

The third scientist nodded solemnly. “I know. I was there offering him free cookies my wife made.”

“The point is,” Doc said, frustrated. “We promised their principal that these students would excel in their retests. And now we’ve injected them with serums we had yet to complete our research on.”

Coolio straightened his hat. “Jeez, sorry, bros.” 

“Don’t try to act cool, with me!” Doc admonished.

“You’re here because my sister begged me to give you  a job. You are my nephew and that’s the only reason you’re here. Or you’d still be delivering the wrong pizzas.”

“Well, it used to get all confusing,”   Coolio complained. “They would want pineapple and pizzas with no cheese. What is a pizza with no cheese? And who orders only onions and garlic?”

Medico rubbed his stomach. “I’m lactose intolerant and I like pineapple.”


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