FF: The Four Ghosts

Alia waited behind a bush, all her equipment ready to capture the ghosts. It was almost midnight now. They were supposed to appear soon according to rumors. She would find out if these were good or evil ghosts.

The streets were quiet. The wind howling in her ears. It was almost two am now. Still no sighting. It was just a rumor, Alia thought. There are no ghosts.
She started to gather her cameras when she heard a whistle.

They were here. Whatever they were. The four dark figures emerged through a fog, their faces blurred. Alia turned on her camera and crept lower. They were walking by the river, all of them whistling a song. Alia recorded them, realizing she knew who they could be.
Four years ago, four men had formed a gang and killed anyone who was wandering after three am. They had been arrested and sentenced to death.
Alia checked her watch. It was three a.m.
The killers had returned. Alia covered her mouth when they stopped a few feet away from her. She heard sniffing sounds, then the shrill whistle. Reports said that was the last thing their victims heard.
Alia turned off her camera.

She stepped back as softly as she could. Then ran in the opposite direction. She had been foolish to come here in the first place. But surely they couldn't harm her anymore could they? They were ghosts. Dense fog appeared in front of her and she stopped.

The four figures emerged, whistling, then laughing.
"Let me go," Alia pleaded. In a blink they surrounded her. The whistling grew louder. Something wrapped around her neck and she saw darkness.


The police found Alia sitting on a bench. She had been reported missing and found a week later. When she was questioned of her whereabouts, she whistled a song that no one had heard in four years.


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